Shark Diving in the Bahamas

Sharks Diving in the Bahamas

  • Diving at Tiger Beach
  • Close Sharks encounters
  • Shark feeding & Photography
  • Best of shark diving Worldwide
  • Tigers, Lemons, Grey Reef, Bulls, Great Hammerheads

Shark Diving in the Bahamas:

Come and dive with us with Lemon Sharks, Caribbean Grey Reef Sharks and Tiger Sharks, who are the big Stars over there.

“Tiger Beach” in Grand Bahama is the place to dive with these Big Sharks and get very close encounters together with endless possibilities for fantastic photos.

We run our trips where we stay for 5 full shark diving days. Leaving in the early morning to reach ”Tiger beach’  where we dive till in the afternoon, before to head back to our comfortable resort/condominium, to chill out and enjoy the evening together. You will Dive & Enjoy with Alike & Gab!

In February, we offer a “Combo-Trip” between Tiger Beach and also in Bimini to dive with the Great Hammerheads and Bullsharks.


Do not forget your camera! You’ll be diving with the Big Sharks like never before…


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